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      2019-08-02 14:55:03| 來源:中公教育

      2019遼寧銀行招聘考試頻道實時為考生提供最新最全的備考資料,助力考生高效 備考。

      31. A new system ______ the latest data-analysis methods was implemented this week.

      A. is incorporating B. that incorporates

      C. incorporation of D. had incorporated

      32. Tomorrow we will meet with a ______ of consultants who specialize in staff training and team building.

      A. group B. supply C. measure D. fraction

      33. Ms. Vialobos has reported that the new mobile telephones are the lightest ______ to be purchased by the department.

      A. ever B. before C. quite D. well

      34. Due to the bad weather, the flight to New York was ______ for four hours.

      A. canceled B. delayed C. postponed D. caller off

      35. ______ most job seekers are looking for a permanent job, a temporary position may serve as a bridge to full-time employment.

      A. How B. While C. That D. So

      36. The findings from our market research are ______ unexpected that we must conduct another test to confirm them.

      A. as B. too C. so D. very

      37. While waiting for the opportunity to get _____, Henry did his best to perform his duty.

      A. promote B. promoted

      C. promoting D. to promote

      38. The teachers’ association has announced that the food and drinks ______ supplied at the annual conference will not be provided this year.

      A. usually B. hugely C. evenly D. strictly

      39. Our overseas branch office is ______ to open in Taipei next month.

      A. scheduled B. advanced

      C. informed D. maintained

      40. Mr. Thomas and Ms. Vasquez ______ to work together on the market research project.

      A. assigned

      B. assigning

      C. have been assigned

      D. will assign

      31.【答案】B。解析:考查定語從句。句意:本周已經執行了包含最近數據分析方法的新系統。本句主語是A new system,謂語是was implemented;that incorporates the latest data-analysis method是一個由that引導的定語從句來修飾system。incorporate包含,體現,把……合并。

      32.【答案】A。解析:考查名詞詞義辨析。句意:明天我們要會見一個顧問團,他們的專長是員工培訓和團隊建設。“一個顧問_____”,A. 團隊,組(a group of一組,一隊);B. 供給;C. 測量;D. 小部分(a fraction of一小部分)。在這幾個選項中只有“團隊”符合語境,故選A。

      33.【答案】A。解析:考查副詞辨析。ever“至今;曾經;在任何時候”;before“以前;以往”;quite“相當;完全;十分”;well“很好地;相當地”。空格前為形容詞最高級the lightest,四個選項中,ever可以用于形容詞最高級的后面,故答案為A。

      34.【答案】B。解析:考查動詞詞義辨析。句意:糟糕的天氣導致飛往紐約的航班延誤了四小時。cancel取消;delay延遲,延誤;postpone延期;call off取消。表示航班的延誤常用delay,故選B。





      39.【答案】A。解析:考查動詞詞義辨析。句意:我們的海外分公司預計于下個月在臺北開放。be scheduled to預計,按計劃,符合語境;advance“提出;提前”,沒有is advanced to do的用法;inform“告知”,不符合語境;maintain“保持”,不符合語境。故選A。

      40.【答案】C。解析:考查動詞時態和語態。主語Mr. Thomas and Ms. Vasquez與動詞assign是被動關系,故答案為C。





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